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CAP: ICLS 2016: Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners — Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshops

PI: Sadhana Puntambeka University of Wisconsin-Madison Award Details The International Conference of the Learning Sciences provides a forum for research on the design of learning environments, including technology-enhanced learning environments. This project supports a Doctoral Consortium and an Early Career Workshop at the conference which allows early career scholars to receive mentoring from established cyberlearning […]

CAP: Building Cyberlearning Research Programs: An Early Career Workshop

PI: Jonathan Spector University of North Texas Award Details The International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies provides a forum for interchange of ideas around designing technological support for learning and training. This project supports an Early Career Symposium at the conference which allows early career scholars to receive mentoring from established cyberlearning researchers from both […]

CAP: Building Partnerships for Education and Speech Research

PIs: Chad Dorsey, Cynthia D’Angelo Concord Consortium Award Details A new age of technology is dawning on the field of speech recognition and analysis. This has begun to become publicly visible through the increasing availability of impressive tools such as Siri and Google Translate, but these consumer-ready tools only scratch the surface of the potential […]

CAP: AccessCyberlearning

PI: Sheryl Burgstahler University of Washington Award Details One challenge in designing and studying technology-based learning environments is incorporating state of the art knowledge about how technology can support (or hinder) those with disabilities. This project will help researchers in the cyberlearning community do research that takes into account what is known about technology and […]

CAP: Data Consortium Fellows: A Mentorship Program to Expand the Cyberlearning Data Analytics Community

PI: Matthew Berland University of Wisconsin-Madison Award Details The proposed work is a series of summits designed to increase the capacity of researchers in the learning sciences community through exposure and instruction in advanced data analytic techniques. It addresses a critical need at the intersection of two burgeoning fields of study and advances the larger […]

CAP: Building a Cyberlearning Research Program: An Early Career Symposium

PI: Fei Gao Bowling Green State University Award Details This project funds a training and mentorship workshop for doctoral students and early career faculty in the field of Instructional Design and Technology to learn about Cyberlearning research community at the main instructional design conference. The Annual Meeting of the Association for Education Communications and Technology […]

Support for Doctoral Students to Attend International Conferences

PI: Beverly Woolf University of Massachusetts Amherst Award Details This project supports the mission of NSF to train more advanced professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by supporting doctoral students attendance at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) and the 6th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM) to be […]