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Description of CIRCL:

2-Page Cyberlearning Flyer [PDF] (last updated: 4/13/2017)

The Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning (CIRCL) works with projects in the emerging field of cyberlearning to support and amplify their efforts. CIRCL is funded by the National Science Foundation under grants 1837463, 1233722, 1441631, and 1556486, led by Digital Promise in partnership with SRI International, EDC, and NORC.

Description of Cyberlearning:

Cyberlearning is a movement to tackle important problems of learning by investigating synergies between technology of the future and scientific understanding of how people learn. This approach focuses on how learning is a learner-centered, active, constructive process.

This view leads to design of learning activities (not just design of information) with useful, constructive feedback (not just rewards) and opportunities to build knowledge with others (not just receive information from others). Further, today’s research on how people learn is oriented to improvement: designs are tested with diverse students in realistic contexts and analyzed by a multidisciplinary research team, leading to insights for adjusting the design.

The movement seeks to replace old models of learning (a student at a laptop working in isolation on academic content) and educational technology myths with models that reflect the diversity of ways in which today’s learners engage with technologies in rich settings to develop the capacities, identities, and dispositions important to their futures and the future for all.