CAP: Data Consortium Fellows: A Mentorship Program to Expand the Cyberlearning Data Analytics Community

PI: Matthew Berland
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Award Details

The proposed work is a series of summits designed to increase the capacity of researchers in the learning sciences community through exposure and instruction in advanced data analytic techniques. It addresses a critical need at the intersection of two burgeoning fields of study and advances the larger goal of CAP projects.

This project is a series of summits that builds on previously funded NSF work to advance learning sciences. Members of the learning science community are often unaware of the complementary developments in the data analytics community that could enhance the depth and impact of their work. The participants in these summits are current NSF awardees, from various programs, whose work focuses on learning sciences. Building through exposure and instruction in data analytics not only expands the body of knowledge at the interface of these two fields, it smartly leverages current NSF funded projects.