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CIRCL Newsletter - Issue 38, September 2019
CIRCL News What are key priorities for future research? Check out the Workshop Leader Summit (below) and read the slides and white papers, each of which shares findings and recommendations for the field. We’ll be ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 37, July 2019
CIRCL News What key issues, tensions, challenges, and design principles are important to future cyberlearning proposals and projects? On June 6, CIRCL hosted a summit of the leaders of eleven recent NSF-funded workshops in Washington ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 36, May 2019
CIRCL News Our CL’19 Program Committee has been hard at work planning a GREAT convening October 3-4 based on your input, provided via the application survey. (Applicants: check your email; you must register by June ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 35, March 2019
CIRCL News In like a lion & out like a lamb--we hope March has been a productive month as spring sits right around the corner. It was good to see many of you at SIGCSE ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 34, January 2019
CIRCL News: Cyberlearning 2019 - October 3-4 Happy New Year! Please hold the date for Cyberlearning 2019, which will be held October 3-4, 2019 in Alexandria, Virginia. A call for participation will be issued in ...
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CIRCL Newsletter - Issue 33, November 2018
CIRCL News It’s never too early to begin planning your Cyberlearning New Year Resolutions. Want to... Write a great proposal? Full NSF Cyberlearning proposals are due January 14, 2019. Check out the recording of a ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 32, September 2018
CIRCL News Don’t miss out on upcoming NSF proposal opportunities for Cyberlearning researchers, which include both a cyberlearning competition in January as well as opportunities within other existing programs. Overall, the prospects for cyberlearning research ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 31, July 2018
CIRCL News What’s your $30 million Big Idea? The NSF 2026 Idea Machine is looking for new thematic, promising ideas that span NSF. The earlier 2016 Big Ideas have gotten traction at NSF, and several ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 30, May 2018
CIRCL News The STEM For All Video Showcase starts today and runs through Monday, May 21. The showcase features 214 short videos -- 15 of which are about Cyberlearning projects (see below), including one produced ...
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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 29, March 2018
CIRCL News: NSF Funding for Big Ideas At our annual retreat, the CIRCL team reviewed the NSF Budget Request. Although NSF requested the same budget amount as in the prior two years, now the Big ...
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