CAP: ICLS 2016: Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners — Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshops

PI: Sadhana Puntambeka
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Award Details

The International Conference of the Learning Sciences provides a forum for research on the design of learning environments, including technology-enhanced learning environments. This project supports a Doctoral Consortium and an Early Career Workshop at the conference which allows early career scholars to receive mentoring from established cyberlearning researchers from both computer science and learning research.

This project supports travel for advanced graduate students and new faculty from U.S. universities to attend the capacity-building activities at the ICLS 2016 conference in Singapore. Participants are selected through a competitive process that ensures high intellectual merit in their work. The project not only increases capacity by providing mentoring opportunities to young US researchers, but also allows early career researchers vital access to the latest findings from around the world (early-career scholars, who often have limited research funds, are often prevented from attending high-profile international meetings for budgetary reasons.) Through structured activities, the US scholars will learn from, and build connections with, peers and mentors from the US and other countries.