CAP: CSCL 2017 Making a Difference: Prioritizing Equity and Access in CSCL Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshops

PI: Susan Yoon
University of Pennsylvania
Award Details

The Computer Supported Collaborative Learning conference is the premier conference on how technologies can support collaborative learning, both online and offline. This project supports a Doctoral Consortium and an Early Career Workshop at the conference which allows early career scholars to receive mentoring from established cyberlearning researchers from both computer science and learning research.

This project supports travel for advanced graduate students and new faculty from U.S. universities to attend the capacity-building activities at the CSCL 2017 conference in Philadelphia. Participants are selected through a competitive process that ensures high intellectual merit in their work. The project not only increases capacity by providing mentoring opportunities to young US researchers, but also supports building connections with peers in other countries (whose participation is supported by their own governments). In addition, the theme of the conference, which will be used to help guide selection of participants and mentors, is research on equity and access in collaborative technology-based learning. Thus the project will also provide vital training on how to better understand and design systems that help all people learn, which is a pressing problem in the area of MOOCs and online or mobile collaborative learning.

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