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How to Host Successful Virtual Scientific Advisory Boards

Many National Science Foundation and other research projects include advisory boards as a mechanism for obtaining expert guidance. Virtual advisory meetings are an alternative to the common practice of a two-day, fly-in meeting that occurs once a year. We share insights from our 5+year experience of hosting virtual advisory board meetings for CIRCL and offer suggestions for building a strong advisory community.

Cyberlearning Workshop Reports: Principles for the Design of Digital STEM Learning Environments

NSF challenged interdisciplinary science and engineering teams to produce plans for developing forward-looking, highly adaptable, distributed digital environments that can personalize learning for individual, diverse learners in collaborative settings with potential applications across multiple and varying: (a) domains of knowledge, (b) learning contexts (including formal and informal education), and (c) time spans.

Rapid Community Report Series

CIRCL and ISLS have launched a new, online, peer-reviewed Rapid Community Report (RCR) Series for short form research papers — like primers, workshop reports, and design reflections — that do not normally fit in a journal and deserve wider dissemination than a conference presentation. See the RCR Web Site for details. CIRCL thanks the steering […]

Cyberlearning Community Report: The State of Cyberlearning and the Future of Learning With Technology

Download the Report (PDF) Read the Executive Summary Watch the STEM Showcase Video Authors June Ahn, Jodi Asbell-Clarke, Matthew Berland, Catherine Chase, Noel Enyedy, Judith Fusco, Shari Gardner, Shuchi Grover, Erica Halverson, Kemi Jona, H. Chad Lane, Wendy Martin, Emma Mercier, Tom Moher, Amy Ogan, Nichole Pinkard, Joseph Polman, Jeremy Roschelle, Patricia Schank, Katie Headrick […]

STEM Multiplex for All, Ambitious Mashups Highlights

The Multiplex is an online, free, interactive platform featuring over 800 short videos that showcase federally funded projects aimed at transforming science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science learning. Researchers, educators, policy makers and parents are invited to learn about cutting-edge efforts to improve STEM education. Videos presented span multiple disciplines and reflect efforts in […]

Open Access Readings on the Learning Sciences

Check out these free, open access, high quality resources on the learning sciences, initially compiled by CIRCLeducators for use in a course on the learning sciences for educators. Have you read or used any of these in your courses or work? Are there any readings would you add? Let us know! Texts and Materials (all free […]

Five Ways CIRCL can help Cyberlearning Researchers

CIRCL amplifies the cyberlearning community’s impact by nurturing community among projects, investigators and newcomers; addressing common needs; planning for the future; and creating broader impact together. 1. Amplify your news & identify new opportunities Share your work in the CIRCL newsletter. We can circulate project updates, job openings, workshops, calls, and other news throughout the […]


There are many sources of funding for cyberlearning-related research at the National Science Foundation. CIRCL can help you find collaborators! Programs Key Requirements CFLT: Cyberlearning for Work at the Human-Technology Frontier Exploratory and synergistic research in learning technologies. CIRCL builds capacity and shares the results of CLFT projects. AI Institutes: National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research […]