Rapid Community Report Series


See the Rapid Community Report Series Web Site for more current information.

CIRCL is working with ISLS to launch of a new Rapid Community Report (RCR) Series for short form research papers — like primers, workshop reports, and design reflections — that do not normally fit in a journal and deserve wider dissemination than a conference presentation. A RCR is a brief, peer reviewed, citable, open access publication that may be published when rapid circulation of the information would add value to the research community working on learning sciences and technology, and are intended to be useful to audiences beyond the research community. Thus:

  • A RCR should be informative to both and expert and a non-expert audience, and consequently should present top-level ideas worth knowing.
  • A RCR should be immediately useful to the audience, and thus should strive for well-defined “take-away’s”
  • A RCR should communicate clearly, with minimal jargon and an eye to serving a large audience.
  • A RCR should aim for a useful life of 3-5 years, after which an update or replacement may be needed.

History of the effort

In late 2017, CIRCL began thinking about new approaches to help the community share findings rapidly, as they emerge from cyberlearning projects. Our January 2018 newsletter invited the community to help think about the issue and weigh in on possible initiatives to support an open sharing service — including factors that are most important to you and would affect your participation the most.

Responses to our survey made it clear that the field wants more citable, agile exchange of information, with the ability to include media and in formats that achieve broader impacts. Survey respondents expressed a need for short publications that pull together emerging insights and findings in cyberlearning and provide a useful guide to the state of the art (e.g. our primers).

Many of you have expressed interest in helping us think about more rapid publication opportunities, so a steering committee of interested participants was formed and met during the summer of 2018 to address questions around the purpose and scope of effort, the editorial and review process, technical platform, community engagement, and sustainability plan, and draw up a draft call for submission.


Rapid Community Report Series Website

Webinar: Rapid Community Report Series (November 1, 2018) – archived recording and slides.

Rapid Community Reports – DRAFT Call for community input (Google Doc with commenting enabled).

Steering Committee

CIRCL thanks the Rapid Community Report (RCR) Steering Committee for the innovative ideas and thoughtful input that helped shape the purpose and scope of effort, the editorial and review process, technical platform, community engagement, and sustainability plans for the series.

Many of our Steering Committee members are now members of the RCR Editorial Committee. Interested in joining the editorial committee? Visit the RCR Website to learn more.

2018 Steering / Kickoff Committee Members

A committee of volunteers who helped CIRCL define and kick off the RCR effort in 2018.

Jeremy Roschelle, Digital Promise (Chair)
Gautam Biswas, Vanderbilt University
Katie Headrick Taylor, University of Washington
Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Indiana University at Bloomington
Yanghee Kim, Northern Illinois University
Janet Kolodner, Concord Consortium
Kathryn Lanouette, University of California, Berkeley
Eli Meir, Simbio
Patricia Schank, Digital Promise
Jim Slotta, University of Toronto
Peter Wardrip, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wei Wu, Fresno State