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Using Analytics to Examine Programming Process Over Product

Shuchi Grover. In this Cyberlearning EXP, SRI and CMU, in partnership with researchers at Stanford and UC, Santa, Cruz are using learning analytics and evidence-centered design to study programming process as middle & high school students program in Alice. Project: NSF Award #1522990 – EXP: Understanding Computational Thinking Process and Practices in Open-Ended Programming Environments […]

Visual Classrooms: Tools for Collaborative Learning and Knowledge-Building

Leslie Schneider. Visual Classrooms is a research validated collaboration platform designed to improve student engagement and support interactive learning and adaptive instruction. Our interactive digital whiteboard encourages students to quickly capture, share, analyze, and improve their ideas together using any media. Project: Visual Classrooms This is a station in the Cyberlearning 2016 Gallery Walk.

Measuring student’s self-report of emotion

Ivon Arroyo. We quantified a measure of emotion in student self-reports; e.g., what students describe as “frustration” may differ between individuals in terms of valence and activation. We asked students to rate their terms of emotion and evaluated emotion terms. Project: Impact of Adaptive Interventions on Student Affect, Performance and Learning This is a station […]

Macroworlds and an infrastructure for making them

Tom Moher. Macroworlds are simulations experienced through interaction with an ecology of personal and shared digital devices distributed throughout the physical space of classrooms. Nutella is a software development and run-time environment for macroworlds. Project: Community Knowledge Construction in the Instrumented Classroom This is a station in the Cyberlearning 2016 Gallery Walk.

Collaborative Sketch Tools

Emma Mercier. The CSTEPS project focuses on collaborative sketch tools. In this demo, our latest software that allows for synced sketching across devices will be shown. Project: Fostering Collaborative Drawing and Problem Solving through Digital Sketch and Touch This is a station in the Cyberlearning 2016 Gallery Walk.


Ethan Hilton. Persketchtivity is a natural sketch-based AI tool to help engineering students master free-hand sketching. Visual communication and visual thinking strongly supports engineering design and innovation. Project: 5. EXP: Collaborative Research: PerSketchTivity- Empowering and Inspiring Creative, Competent, Communicative, and Effective Engineers through Perspective Sketching This is a station in the Cyberlearning 2016 Gallery Walk.

Supporting self-directed learning and identity development in online communities

Caitlin Martin and Denise Nacu. We share the Digital Youth Divas platform, designed to engage middle school girls, especially those from underserved communities, with computational projects. We highlight features to support learning and development through community and mentoring. Project: Developing Frameworks, Tools, and Social Practices to Support Effective Instructor Use of Online Social Learning Networks […]

Cyber-Eye: Empowering Learning through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Ivan Mutis. The Cyber-Eye approach seeks to revolutionize CEM learning and amplify students’ understanding of the dynamic complexity of the CEM physical and social contexts through aerial visualizations using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Project: Cyber-Eye: Empowering Learning through Remote Visualizations using Unmanned Aerial Systems This is a station in the Cyberlearning 2016 Gallery Walk.