CAP: Building a Cyberlearning Research Program: An Early Career Symposium

PI: Fei Gao
Bowling Green State University
Award Details

This project funds a training and mentorship workshop for doctoral students and early career faculty in the field of Instructional Design and Technology to learn about Cyberlearning research community at the main instructional design conference.

The Annual Meeting of the Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT) provides a forum for interchange of ideas around designing technological support for learning and training. Its Early Career Symposia provide an avenue for early career scholars to receive mentoring from established researchers. This project supports travel for advanced graduate students and new faculty from U.S. universities to attend the Annual Meeting and Early Career Symposium. Sessions during the Symposium are designed to help collaborators imagine forward-looking and viable technology-oriented research agendas, identify the types of collaborators who complement their strengths, and identify the funding agencies and programs that might support their work. An important goal of the Symposium is to add to the community of researchers interested in ways that technology can transform teaching and learning. This activity supports the mission of NSF to train more advanced professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. This conference is one among many that researchers in the cyberlearning community regularly attend. Mentors come from the AECT community as well as from the learning sciences community. The plan for this year’s workshop is informed by feedback from attendees at previous AECT Early Career Symposia.

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