ICLS 2018 Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age in ICLS Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshops


PI: Carolyn Rose
Carnegie-Mellon University
Award Details

This award will support travel and registration for a Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshop at the annual meeting of the International Society of the Learning Sciences, which in 2018 will be held in conjunction with the Artificial Intelligence in Education conference and the Association of Computing Machinery conference on Learning at Scale. The three conferences will come together as a Festival of Learning. These joint interdisciplinary conferences will offer a rare professional opportunity for doctoral students and early career professionals to converge and present cutting-edge research from the fields of artificial intelligence, learning science, computer science, cognitive and learning sciences, psychology, and educational technology. Results will contribute to the new generation of researchers in the forward-looking technical area of this interdisciplinary area, to include the learning sciences, data analytics, and artificial intelligence in education.

This project will provide a travel stipend for 5 advanced graduate students to attend the Doctoral Consortium and 5 early career faculty members to attend the Early Career Workshop at the Festival of Learning. The project will also fund a shared young researchers event where 250 young researchers from the three conferences will have a poster session and panel discussion. The project will improve the dissertations of the graduate students and the research agendas of the early career, post-PhD scholars and advance the conference theme “Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age”. This project will build on the expertise of the learning sciences community and the outcomes of previous workshops held with the International Conference of the Learning Sciences.