Badge-Based STEM Assessment: Current Terrain and the Road Ahead

PIs: Michelle Riconscente, Margaret Honey
New York Hall of Science
Award Details

The New York Hall of Science proposes a two-pronged workshop project that will: (1) conduct a study of and develop a draft report on the topic of STEM badges including conceptualizations, rationale, systems, key contributors and challenges and opportunities for STEM-related badges; and (2) conduct a workshop drawn from a wide range of experts to provide critical feedback on the report. An advisory board will guide and evaluate the work.

Learning increasingly takes place across a wide spectrum of institutions and contexts, through different platforms and environments, and is often incentivized by badge reward systems. There is a concomitant need to understand and make explicit the nature and criteria used, the kinds of accomplishments individuals are expected to realize, and the ways that badges are interpreted by conventional credentialing bodies, such as K-12 educational systems and institutions of higher education. The workshop creates an opportunity for a divrse group of individuals at the forefront of badges to inform each other’s efforts. The report that is generated will be available to a broad audience of practitoners, developers and researchers involved in STEM education in both formal and informal sectors as well as to individuals involved in setting STEM education policy.

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