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Collaborative Research: Open Player and Community Modeling as a Learning Tool

9/1/19-8/31/22 PIs: Magy Seif El-Nasr, Northeastern University (Award Details) Jichen Zhu, Drexel University (Award Details) An active research area in intelligent tutoring systems and game-based learning is personalized learning. In these environments, the computer analyzes learner behaviors in real time and builds individual models of critical aspects of learning (e.g., level of engagement, knowledge acquisition) […]

RAPID: Collaborative Research: Learning about Infectious Diseases through Online Participation in a Virtual Epidemic

9/1/15-8/31/17 PIs: Yasmin Kafai, Jennifer Sun, University of Pennsylvania (Award Details) Nina Fefferman, Rutgers University (Award Details) Epidemics (whether measles, ebola, or the flu) affect youth, but many of the concepts related to how epidemics work (and how to prevent them) are hard to convey to young learners. This project explores how and whether technology […]

DIP: Game-based Assessment and Support of STEM-related Competencies

PIs: Valerie Shute, Russell Almond, Fengfeng Ke Florida State University Award Details Well-designed educational games represent a promising technology for increasing students interest in and learning of STEM topics such as physics. This project will research how to optimally combine and embed dynamic assessment and adaptive learning supports within an engaging game design to build […]

DIP: Data Science Games – Student Immersion in Data Science Using Games for Learning in the Common Online Data Analysis Platform

PIs: William Finzer, Timothy Erickson, Frieda Reichsman, Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde Concord Consortium Award Details This project refines and studies technology for ‘data science games’: essentially, a game is embedded in a data analysis environment, in which the game can only be ‘won’ by doing data modeling. Research will examine how students learn to analyze and model […]

EXP: Teaching Bias Mitigation through Training Games with Application in Credibility Attribution

PI: Norah Dunbar University of California-Santa Barbara Award Details This project will develop and study an interactive game entitled VERITAS for making players aware of their cognitive bias in decision making and attempting to mitigate its effects. The game focuses on detecting deception and many of the research participants are from law enforcement. Heuristics are […]

DIP: Potential for everyday learning in a virtual community: A design-based investigation

PIs: Janis Dickinson, Rhiannon Crain Cornell University Award Details This project team aims to explore how to foster learning in socially-networked communities, particularly learning that results in behavior change. Understanding how to foster such learning could have a wide variety of societal impacts, e.g., better fostering science, engineering, mathematical, or design thinking in school or […]

CAP: Towards Inclusive Design of Serious Games for Learning

PIs: Yasmin Kafai, Brendesha Tynes, Gabriela Richard University of Pennsylvania Award Details Serious games and games for learning are designed to foster learning or engagement with real-world events or processes or for solving complex problems. Citizen involvement in serious games and games for learning has increased exponentially in the last decade. At the same time, […]