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EXP: GeoGames – Online Map Games for Teaching and Learning through a Real-World Spatial Perspective

PIs: Karl Ola Ahlqvist, Andrew Heckler, Rajiv Ramnath Ohio State University Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education EXP project, the investigators are aiming to learn how to promote geo-spatial thinking skills and ability to use data gathered geo-spatially to solve complex problems. The technology being refined leverages on-line maps to situate scenarios in GeoGames […]

CAP: Partnerships for Indigenous Knowledge and Digital Literacies

PIs: Jon Reinhardt, Susan Penfield University of Arizona Award Details This project lays the academic foundations for collaborations between researchers and indigenous American Indian community-based language practitioners for the purpose of developing a socio-technical means of, in parallel, preserving ancient indigenous languages and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), and helping indigenous youth learn traditional languages and […]

EXP: “Earthquake Rebuild” – Mathematical Thinking and Learning via Architectural Design and Modeling

PIs: Fengfeng Ke, Matthew Ventura, Valerie Shute, Kathleen Clark, Gordon Erlebacher Florida State University Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education Exploration project, the PIs investigate how to help middle schoolers simultaneously develop mathematics understanding, mathematics skill, and mathematics disposition. They are taking design-based pedagogical approach, having students practice the math they are learning through […]

CAP: Mobile Pathways for 21st Century Learning

PIs: Debra Socia, Deborah Boisvert, Sousan Arafeh, Blair Reich, Yvonne Spicer OpenAirBoston.net Open Air Boston (OAB) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bridge the digital divide so that low-income, under-served populations in the City of Boston have access to digital communications technology and the Internet. The OAB Technology Goes Home (TGH) Program is […]

DIP: Collaborative Research: Mixed-Reality Labs: Integrating Sensors and Simulations to Improve Learning

PIs: Charles Xie, Concord Consortium (Award Details) Jennifer Chiu, University of Virginia (Award Details) This collaborative project is investigating the characteristics of a mixed-reality learning environment that combines the rich context and multi-sensory experiences of a physical lab with the interactive simulations of a virtual lab. The hybrid environment integrates sensors and simulations to bring […]

CAP: Collaborative Research: Building a Network to Advance Collaborative Research on Young Children’s Learning through Public Media Assets

Brigid Barron and Roy Pea, Stanford University (Award Details) Reed Stevens, Northwestern University (Award Details) This Cyberlearning Capacity-Building project brings together learning scientists, experts in media creation, experts in child development, producers of public media assets, parent, and educators in an effort to build social infrastructure that will support bringing what is known about how […]

EXP: Educating Teens to Understand Personal Health (GET-UP)

PIs: Cynthia Ching, J. Bruce German University of California-Davis Award Details This team is creating a new kind of video-game, one that incorporates the changing characteristics of the person playing the game into the game play itself. This provides game players (learners) with an alternate perspective on their own capabilities and the effects and impacts […]

EXP: Mobile, Movement, and Math

PIs: John Black, Frances Nankin, Sandra Sheppard Teachers College, Columbia University Award Details The project team is integrating the stories, characters, math content, and research of New York’s public television station’s (WNET), Cyberchase multimedia project with Teachers’ College’s research on embodied cognition theory and gesture-base simulation games to create two mobile application prototypes to be […]

EXP: Exploring the Virtual World of Contextualized English Language Acquisition

PIs: Regina Mendez, Mary Beth Ogulewicz Springfield Technical Community College Award Details The PIs are aiming to investigate how virtual world 3D technology can be used to address the limited opportunities adult immigrants and refugees have for exploring and practicing their English in authentic settings without the risk of seeming inarticulate. In partnership with WonderBuilders, […]