NSF CISE Announcements on CAREER, CRII, No-Deadlines, and GRFP

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP): CISE-relevant topic areas offer absolutely profound research opportunities with deep potential for sweeping scientific, economic, and societal impact. Therefore, it is deeply important to ensure that CISE research pathways continue to attract a broad and growing cohort of graduate students into our research programs. NSF’s GRFP program has long represented an important pillar in the support of early-career research pathways; this is true now more than ever. As we encouraged a year ago in a similar message to you all, we ask once again for your help: please reach out to eligible students to encourage their application for GRFP this year. We recognize that the wording of this year’s GRFP solicitation has prompted discussion regarding the program’s balance of generality across topics, versus prioritization of stated priority areas. NSF will continue to encourage and accept applications in all eligible topic areas, and the review process will as always have a foundation based on individual merit. This year’s GRFP deadline is October 20, 2020, for CISE topic areas, and we very much hope to see many of your students represented!