Community Feedback on NAS Study

The National Academy is requesting feedback from the community on the NAS study “Future Directions for NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure to Support U.S. Science in 2017-2020”.

Advanced computing infrastructure has become one of the most important enablers of scientific research in nearly all disciplines. The NSF-funded National Academy of Sciences study Future Directions for NSF Advanced Computing Infrastructure to Support U.S. Science in 2017-2020 “will examine anticipated priorities and associated trade-offs for advanced computing in support of NSF-sponsored science and engineering research.” The study will provide guidance on NSF’s investment in advanced computing infrastructure, to support both compute- and data-intensive research.

The recently released interim report frames issues and questions to be addressed in the final report. Community feedback is now being solicited that will serve as input to the final report.

Communities across all NSF-supported sciences are encouraged to provide input to the final report through individual feedback as well as through organized events, such as sessions added to domain conferences that discuss the questions raised, or workshops designed to gather input from a particular community or group of communities, or other ways to compile community responses and point out possible gaps in the questions being raised.

Specific questions being asked by the study can be found in Appendix B, at the end of the interim report. Interested parties can provide feedback via email to the study director Jon Eisenberg (, or through the project’s public feedback form. Feedback received through January 2015 will receive full consideration; the final report will be published in June 2015.