CIRCL Update: New NSF AI Institutes and Solicitation

Dear Colleague,

NSF is establishing new artificial intelligence institutes to accelerate research, expand the workforce, and transform society in the decades to come. With an investment of over $100 million over the next five years, NSF’s Artificial Intelligence Institutes represent the nation’s most significant federal investment in AI research and workforce development to date.

To learn more about these institutes, visit:

  1. NSF AI Webpage.
  2. Award for Institute for Student-AI Teaming.

Second, we wanted to give you a quick heads up on a new NSF program solicitation for FY21:

NSF National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institutes Accelerating Research, Transforming Society, and Growing the American Workforce invites proposals for full institutes that have a principal focus in a variety of themes, including AI-Augmented Learning.

Proposals are due December 4, 2020.

Also, we want to remind you that CIRCLS invites applications for two postdoctoral positions. These positions will offer unique opportunities to (1) gain an overview of state of the art at the intersections of computing sciences and learning sciences, (2) build a network of relationships with leading NSF-funded researchers, and (3) publish research that synthesizes emerging insights from the field.

The next time you hear from us we’ll be transformed into CIRCLS. We look forward to our continued adventure! In the meantime, stay up to date with news and updates by
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Best wishes,

The CIRCL Team