CFP: Expand NAPLES with New Types of Videos

In an effort to expand the collection and purpose of the webinar series from NAPLES (Network of Academic Programs in the Learning Sciences), the ISLS Education Committee is issuing a Call for Proposals (CFP) to fund two new types of videos (a) videos that find ways to bridge theory-practice gaps in learning sciences; and (b) videos that illustrate multiple perspectives on issues of interest in the community.

Specifically, this call is seeking proposals from ISLS members to create short NAPLES trial videos — no longer than 10 minutes — that address either one of the above stated purposes. While these videos will be used as trials in the broader effort to create new directions for NAPLES, they will be shared with the ISLS community.

Some ideas of videos include (but are not limited to):

  • Research-practice oriented videos: While some current videos include work with practitioners, this idea differs from current NAPLeS webinars by focusing more specifically on research-based practice. Views of practitioners (e.g. teachers, museum outreach staff, policy makers) should be integrated into the message. This can include work that focuses on translating research into practical designs that help increase the public’s understanding of complex processes or phenomenon.
  • Several researchers sharing their research perspectives on a given topic: This idea differs from the current NAPLeS webinars in that instead of one representative voice, multiple researchers are solicited to give their own angle on a Learning Sciences topic that can be addressed from different viewpoints. Making videos about views on such topics can highlight divergent and convergent approaches and key challenges on a theme. Likewise, it shows the collective nature of inquiry instead of suggesting that there is one authoritative opinion on a topic. Finally, this can also provide opportunities for researchers across generations of LS to voice their perspectives and to allow a broader population of our community to become knowledge creators.
  • Other: Participants are invited to suggest their own novel ideas.

ISLS members who are interested in creating such a video are asked to complete the online application form by March 1, 2017. Winning applicants will be notified by March 15 2017. Videos will be due by June 1, 2017.

Online Application

In total, up to 4 videos will be endorsed as part of this CFP. Winning applicants will receive a stipend of 300 USD per video. Members are invited to submit up to 2 applications.

Please direct questions to Yotam Hod,

Thank you,
Dr. Kristine Lund, Dr. Marcela Borge, and Dr. Yotam Hod (for the ISLS Education Committee)