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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 13, September 2015

CIRCL News It’s back to school time, and at CIRCL, we’re thinking about our A, B, Cs. In the CIRCL team, “A” stands for amplifying your impact. We work to amplify impact in many ways. Recently, we were asked to write about Cyberlearning projects for potential inclusion in the National Education Technology Plan. If you […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 12, July 2015

CIRCL News: Cyberlearning 2016 January 25-26 in Arlington, VA Hold the date! Cyberlearning 2016 will be held January 25-26, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. CL16 will begin a shift from the very broad, community building focus of earlier meetings to more focus on external issues and problems where cyberlearning research could make an impact. In the […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 11, May 2015

CIRCL News Let’s make some news. CIRCL is active in promoting the accomplishments of the Cyberlearning community to broader audiences: through social media, our website, and more. In the past month, we’ve boosted a nice Maker paper from Lee Martin, a positive story in HuffPost, a spread in EdWeek, a news story on WBUR, a […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 8, November 2014

CIRCL News Strength through diversity is growing in Cyberlearning. Applications for Cyberlearning 2015 (now closed, but there is a waitlist as well as online participation options) feature an exciting mix of attendees from formal and informal; from academia, nonprofits, and industry; with expertise in computer science, learning sciences and everything in between; and projects that […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 7, September 2014

CIRCL News Diversity makes our community strong. In this month’s newsletter, we welcome awardees from other NSF programs whose work has a Cyberlearning theme. We feature a project about head-mounted displays for deaf children. We invite applications to attend our Cyberlearning 2015 meeting, which is coming up in January, not only to our loyal followers […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 6, July 2014

CIRCL News: Summit Recap On June 9 and 10, 2014, more than 100 investigators, innovators, researchers, and educators convened for the 2014 Cyberlearning Summit hosted by CIRCL at the University of Wisconsin, Madison to identify and communicate major advances in learning with technology. Participants presented findings from diverse projects, yet a common message emerged from […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 5, May 2014

CIRCL News On March 26 and 27, 2014, CIRCL hosted an intensive two-day Partnering for Impact (P4I) workshop that assembled a diverse group of 49 cyberlearning researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers and school leaders, and government and foundation decision makers to identify ways to work together to achieve deep, broad, and important educational impacts. This meeting was […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 4, March 2014

CIRCL News “It’s just four questions.” We’re grateful for the many ways you are already engaging with us: serving on program committees, participating in surveys, bringing your energy to meetings. Here’s another small, 30-minute-or-less way to get involved: write a perspective! We see perspectives as a way to create awareness of what we each care […]