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CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 33, November 2018

CIRCL News It’s never too early to begin planning your Cyberlearning New Year Resolutions. Want to… Write a great proposal? Full NSF Cyberlearning proposals are due January 14, 2019. Check out the recording of a fantastic Cyberlearning Solicitation Webinar by Program Officers Amy Baylor and Tatiana Korelsky. Also see proposal resources and 5 Ways CIRCL […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 32, September 2018

CIRCL News Don’t miss out on upcoming NSF proposal opportunities for Cyberlearning researchers, which include both a cyberlearning competition in January as well as opportunities within other existing programs. Overall, the prospects for cyberlearning research are vibrant. Recent awards have been made, and we anticipate another PI meeting sometime in 2019. CIRCL is always available […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 31, July 2018

CIRCL News What’s your $30 million Big Idea? The NSF 2026 Idea Machine is looking for new thematic, promising ideas that span NSF. The earlier 2016 Big Ideas have gotten traction at NSF, and several attracted $30 million budget lines. CIRCL is ready to facilitate teams to articulate concepts that could shape the future of […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 30, May 2018

CIRCL News The STEM For All Video Showcase starts today and runs through Monday, May 21. The showcase features 214 short videos — 15 of which are about Cyberlearning projects (see below), including one produced by CIRCL about the Cyberlearning Community Report. We hope you join the discussion, share your ideas, and vote for your […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 29, March 2018

CIRCL News: NSF Funding for Big Ideas At our annual retreat, the CIRCL team reviewed the NSF Budget Request. Although NSF requested the same budget amount as in the prior two years, now the Big Ideas are gaining traction and attracting more funding. CIRCL has been highlighting the importance of the Special Report on Big […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 28, January 2018

CIRCL News Happy New Year, CIRCL Community! As we enter 2018, the CIRCL team is filled with optimism for the future of cyberlearning research — for example, we have the sense the community is responding enthusiastically to current solicitations and can reasonably expect there will be more. And our webinar series keeps getting better (see […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 27, November 2017

CIRCL News Opportunity knocks. Our November newsletter features a variety of opportunities — including approaching NSF funding deadlines, calls for ICLS, L@S, and AIED (co-located at the Festival of Learning in London), AERA Division C award nominations, and upcoming registration for the 2018 STEM Video Showcase! And if you’re job hunting, check out new career […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 26, October 2017

CIRCL News Our most exciting topic is the release of our Cyberlearning Community Report — see below — which has been over a year in production. Here are three quick requests. First, read it to learn more about cyberlearning research (and send us any feedback). Second, help us publicize the report (e.g. tweeting it, liking […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 25, July 2017

CIRCL News It has been a busy spring and summer for the cyberlearning community! Cyberlearning research was featured on Capitol Hill and in the 2017 video showcase. Congratulations to all the cyberlearning video makers, and to videos recognized by Facilitator Choice and Presenter Choice awards: Gillian Puttick’s Building Systems from Scratch, Jodi Asbell-Clarke’s Research on […]

CIRCL Newsletter – Issue 24, May 2017

CIRCL News Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for the Cyberlearning ’17 meeting. We have heard from attendees that they found the meeting to be very helpful to them thinking about the future, about additional opportunities to take their work to next steps, and to forming new partnerships and […]