Call for Participants: The Future of Embodied Design for Mathematical Imagination and Cognition Workshop

May 20-22, 2019 at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, WI (USA).

This 3-day workshop at the University of Wisconsin–Madison that will bring together a diverse collection of leading scholars in mathematical reasoning, teaching, and learning who are working on embodied design. The goal is to form a ten-year research agenda that will provide a coherent set of evidence-based design principles for enhancing mathematics education and broadening participation in all STEM fields. This workshop will attract an interdisciplinary set of international scholars from the learning sciences, psychology, movement science, linguistics, computer science, and mathematics. Presentations will span research topics across grades K-16 areas of mathematical thinking and teaching, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based principles that make for effective embodied design in classrooms, and digital technologies in both formal and informal learning settings. We will intentionally support mathematics for all by acknowledging expansive ways of knowing math beyond verbal and notational knowledge. Math education scholars in special education, and race and power will spotlight the central importance of these intellectual efforts to benefit all learners in order to deliver on the ideals of a mathematically and scientifically literature and engaged society. Teacher involvement in the workshop will also help to identify ways the research and development efforts will have impact on classroom learning and teaching.

An explicit objective of this meeting is to help to set an agenda for a future program of rigorous, translational research to improve mathematics classroom teaching and learning for diverse learning populations.

For more information or to apply to attend, email Mitchell Nathan ( and cc Erin Ottmar ( and Candance Walkington (