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EXP: Bridging Learning in Urban Extended Spaces (BLUES) 2.0

9/1/16-8/31/18 PIs: Rogers Hall, Andrew Hostetler, David Owens Vanderbilt University Award Details This EXP project will continue collaborations (begun under an EAGER award) among learning sciences researchers, exhibit designers, and curators in library and museum organizations with extensive cultural heritage collections, and community organizations serving the regional area of Nashville. The goal is to develop […]

DIP: Collaborative Research: CRAFT: An Online Learning Platform for Scaffolding the Crowd Feedback Loop for Design Innovation Education

PIs: Steven Dow, University of California-San Diego (Award Details) Brian Bailey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Award Details) Elizabeth Gerber, Northwestern University (Award Details) Educating the next generation of design innovators is essential for ensuring U.S. economic and social prosperity. To prepare students for this critical work, design innovation instructors rely on project-based learning where […]

CI-TEAM Demo: Environmental CyberCitizens: Engaging Citizen Scientists in Global Environmental Change through Crowdsensing and Visualization

PIs: Alex Mayer, Robert Pastel, Charles Wallace, Shawn Opplige, Richard Donovan Michigan Technological University Award Details This demonstration project is creating and evaluating a set of activities aimed at preparing a diverse science and engineering workforce with cyberinfrastructure knowledge and skills. A multidisciplinary team of faculty and undergraduate students is collaborating with citizen scientist end […]

EXP: Exploring the Potential of Mobile Augmented Reality for Scaffolding Historical Inquiry Learning

PIs: Doug Bowman, David Hicks, Jeffrey Ogle, David Cline Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education EXP project, researchers are addressing how and for what purposes Augmented Reality (AR) technologies can be used to support learning of critical inquiry strategies and processes; the question is being explored in the […]

EXP: Local Ground: A Contextually Grounded Approach for Learning Data Science Skills

PI: Tapan Parikh University of California-Berkeley Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education Exploration project, researchers focus on the challenge of helping students in grades 4 through 6 develop data science skills — understanding the significance of data and where it comes from, and developing capabilities involved in manipulating data and using it to draw […]

EXP: Transforming World Language Education using Social Robotics

PI: William Johnson, Kino Coursey Alelo Award Details This Cyberlearning Exploration Project explores the potential for social robotics to transform foreign-language learning. The social robot being developed in this project is designed to act as a language partner for students learning a foreign language, in this case those learning Chinese. It augments classroom instruction, providing […]

EXP: GeoGames – Online Map Games for Teaching and Learning through a Real-World Spatial Perspective

PIs: Karl Ola Ahlqvist, Andrew Heckler, Rajiv Ramnath Ohio State University Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education EXP project, the investigators are aiming to learn how to promote geo-spatial thinking skills and ability to use data gathered geo-spatially to solve complex problems. The technology being refined leverages on-line maps to situate scenarios in GeoGames […]

CAP: Partnerships for Indigenous Knowledge and Digital Literacies

PIs: Jon Reinhardt, Susan Penfield University of Arizona Award Details This project lays the academic foundations for collaborations between researchers and indigenous American Indian community-based language practitioners for the purpose of developing a socio-technical means of, in parallel, preserving ancient indigenous languages and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), and helping indigenous youth learn traditional languages and […]