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EAGER: Mobile City Science: Youth Mapping Community Learning Opportunities

9/1/16-2/28/18 PIs: Katie Taylor, Nichole Pinkard, Andres Henriquez University of Washington Award Details Mapping, and understanding related technologies, is quickly becoming a new kind of civic literacy for participating in community-level problem-solving. This project will study how two groups of urban youth collect data about and map their communities using mobile and location aware technologies, […]

EXP: Bridging Learning in Urban Extended Spaces (BLUES) 2.0

9/1/16-8/31/18 PIs: Rogers Hall, Andrew Hostetler, David Owens Vanderbilt University Award Details This EXP project will continue collaborations (begun under an EAGER award) among learning sciences researchers, exhibit designers, and curators in library and museum organizations with extensive cultural heritage collections, and community organizations serving the regional area of Nashville. The goal is to develop […]

EAGER: Partnerships for Urban STEM Learning Hubs

10/1/16-9/30/17 PI: Nichole Pinkard DePaul University Award Details This project will begin to build a testbed for research partnerships to design and test cyberlearning systems for smart and connected communities for learning. Doing this type of research requires partnerships between educators, researchers, technologists, and youth, and enduring relationships between organizations within a city. The Digital […]

DIP: ScienceKit for ScienceEverywhere – A Seamless Scientizing Ecosystem for Raising Scientifically-Minded Children

PIs: Tamara Clegg, June Ahn, Jason Yip University of Maryland College Park Award Details Although for years researchers have believed technology could afford anytime-anywhere learning, we still don’t understand how learners behave differently across contexts, such as home, school, and in the community, and how to get youth to identify as learners across those contexts. […]

DIP: Developing Frameworks, Tools and Social Practices to Support Effective Instructor use of Online Social Learning Networks in Blended Learning Models

PI: Nichole Pinkard, Denise Nacu DePaul University Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education DIP (Development and Implementation) project, the PIs focus on understanding the kinds of tools and help for teachers that will support them as they integrate use of learning technologies into their classroom practices. There are a variety of challenges in creating […]