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Collaborative Research: Designing the Impact Studio — Dynamic Visualizations in the Write4Change Networked Community

10/1/16-9/30/18 PIs: Glynda Hull, University of California-Berkeley (Award Details) Amy Stornaiuolo, University of Pennsylvania (Award Details) The amount and variety of information generated and shared online requires young people to be adept at effectively producing, analyzing, assessing, using, visualizing, and circulating data. They must be data literate. This project investigates how adolescents develop data literacy […]

DIP: Data Science Games – Student Immersion in Data Science Using Games for Learning in the Common Online Data Analysis Platform

PIs: William Finzer, Timothy Erickson, Frieda Reichsman, Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde Concord Consortium Award Details This project refines and studies technology for ‘data science games’: essentially, a game is embedded in a data analysis environment, in which the game can only be ‘won’ by doing data modeling. Research will examine how students learn to analyze and model […]

DIP: Collaborative Research: STEM Literacy through Infographics

PIs: Joseph Polman and Engida Gebre, University of Colorado at Boulder (Award Details) Andee Rubin, TERC Inc (Award Details) Cynthia Graville, Saint Louis University (Award Details) An important issue in education is helping youth make sense of the scientific, technological, socio-scientific, and health data that is available. Technology exists for creating infographics to help others […]

INSPIRE: Studying and Promoting Quantitative and Spatial Reasoning with Complex Visual Data Across School, Museum, and Web-Media Contexts

PIs: Leilah Lyons, Joshua Radinsky, Andrew Beveridge University of Illinois at Chicago Award Details This is a research program to promote and study effective strategies and habits of mind for understanding complex geospatial data using interactive visualization tools, and to generate and test design strategies for such tools in three contexts: an online data access […]

CAREER: DataSketch: Exploring Computational Data Visualization in the Middle Grades

7/01/2016-6/30/2019 PI: Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde Tufts University Award Details Increasingly, the data visualizations used in contemporary science and media move beyond conventional graphs or diagrams to use problem-specific imagery and computational techniques to reveal patterns of interest. K-12 students, however, do not have many opportunities to explore such data visualizations, or to author their own. The […]

Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP)

PIs: William Finzer, Daniel Damelin Concord Consortium Award Details, Previous Award Details This project aims to engage students in meaningful scientific data collection, analysis, visualization, modeling, and interpretation. It targets grades 9-12 science instruction. The proposed research poses the question “How do learners conceive of and interact with empirical data, particularly when it has a […]

EXP: Local Ground: A Contextually Grounded Approach for Learning Data Science Skills

PI: Tapan Parikh University of California-Berkeley Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education Exploration project, researchers focus on the challenge of helping students in grades 4 through 6 develop data science skills — understanding the significance of data and where it comes from, and developing capabilities involved in manipulating data and using it to draw […]

DIP: Developing Frameworks, Tools and Social Practices to Support Effective Instructor use of Online Social Learning Networks in Blended Learning Models

PI: Nichole Pinkard, Denise Nacu DePaul University Award Details In this Cyberlearning: Transforming Education DIP (Development and Implementation) project, the PIs focus on understanding the kinds of tools and help for teachers that will support them as they integrate use of learning technologies into their classroom practices. There are a variety of challenges in creating […]