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Collaborative Research: Precision Learning: Data-Driven Experimentation of Learning Theories using Internet-of-Videos

10/1/19-9/30/21 PI: Dongwon Lee, Pennsylvania State University (Award Details) This is a project to study what works to help students learn more effectively in the context of the ASSISTments system. ASSISTments is an online system that provides both assistance to students and real time assessment data to teachers. ASSISTments now supports 100,000 students who have […]

CAREER: Dialogue Engagement for Educational Robots

6/1/20-5/31/25 PIs: Heather Pon-Barry Mount Holyoke College Award Details The activities in this Faculty Early Career Development project are rooted in a social educational robot that collaborates with students in STEM learning. The robot acts as a peer learner who asks students to teach them how to approach mathematics and computer science problems. The process […]

Collaborative Research: Student Affect Detection and Intervention with Teachers in the Loop

9/1/19-8/31/22 PIs: Shiting Lan, University of Massachusetts Amherst (Award Details) Neil Heffernan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Award Details) Ryan Baker, University of Pennsylvania (Award Details) In recent years, there has been increasing effort to integrate modern artificial intelligence technologies into adaptive learning systems to enhance student learning. One key emerging area is in the use of […]

Exploring Social Learning in Collaborative Augmented Reality with Virtual Agents as Learning Companions

7/15/19-6/30/22 PIs: Marjorie Zielke, Scotty Craig, Robert Rege, James Wagner University of Texas at Dallas Award Details In the context of medical student education, this Cyberlearning project will investigate how to design rich social learning experiences that integrate real and virtual features (objects or people) to enhance the learning process. To simulate a role-playing experience […]

Support for Doctoral Students to Attend the 20th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2019)

5/1/19-4/30/20 PI: Bruce McLaren Carnegie-Mellon University Award Details The United States has historically been the global leader in the field of artificial intelligence in education (AIED), or ways to use artificial intelligence technology to enhance teaching and learning in contexts ranging from children learning math in K12 setting, to soldiers learning highly technical jobs in […]

EAGER: Collaborative Research: Automated Instruction Assistant for Argumentative Essays

9/1/18-8/31/20 PI: Rebecca Passonneau Pennsylvania State Univ University Park Award Details Development of students’ writing skills promotes critical thinking across disciplines, and professional success. Yet the past decade of the Nation’s Report Card on students’ writing points to a long-standing crisis in writing instruction that persists through post-secondary school. Students need more instruction on how […]

Collaborative Research: Automatic Text-Simplification and Reading-Assistance to Support Self-Directed Learning by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Computing Workers

8/1/18-7/31/21 PIs: Wei Xu, Ohio State University (Award Details) Matt Huenerfauth, Rochester Institute of Technology (Award Details) While there is a shortage of computing and IT professionals in the U.S., there is underrepresentation of people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) in such careers. There is great diversity in the English reading skills […]

Collaborative Research: Human-Technology Partnership Supporting Career Path Exploration and Navigation

9/1/18-8/31/21 PIs: Carolyn Rose, Carnegie-Mellon University (Award Details) Jason Levin, Western Governors University (Award Details) The employment landscape is changing and expanding, creating uncertainty as individuals navigate decisions regarding career preparation and continuing education. This project develops technology to provide guidance for college students to access high quality information and guidance within a large and […]

Collaborative Research: Multimodal Affective Pedagogical Agents for Different Types of Learners

8/1/18-7/31/21 PIs: Nicoletta Adamo-Villani, Purdue University (Award Details) Richard Mayer, University of California-Santa Barbara (Award Details) While most research on embodied pedagogical agents (adaptive virtual agents that guide and mentor learners) explores cognitive features, this project investigates the role of agent affect/emotion. This project examines how the agent’s affective state (e.g., seeming interested or concerned) […]