Webinar: Rapid Community Reports

Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 1-2 pm Pacific, 4-5 pm Eastern

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CIRCL is working towards the launch of a new, online, peer-reviewed Rapid Community Report (RCR) Series for short form research papers — like primers, workshop reports, and design reflections — that do not normally fit in a journal and deserve wider dissemination than a conference presentation. We invite you to come to this webinar to learn about and help shape this exciting new publication opportunity. Jeremy Roschelle and members of the Rapid Community Reports Steering Committee will present the current Rapid Community Reports DRAFT Call for Submissions and lead a discussion to get your input.

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Roschelle, J. (2018, November 1). Rapid Community Report series [Webinar]. In CIRCL Webinar Series. Retrieved from https://circlcenter.org/events/webinar-rapid-community-reports/