Analytics as a Team Sport: Using Cloud-Based Tools to Support Data-Intensive Research-Practice Partnerships

Half-day workshop at LAK 2019 in Tempe, Arizona
Leaders: Andrew Krumm, Jeremy Roschelle and Patricia Schank


This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to develop skills needed to lead and support data-intensive research-practice partnerships. Using insights gleaned from multiple cases, workshop participants will engage in whole- and small-group activities around setting up a partnership and conducting collaborative data analyses using cloud-based tools that have been integrated into a free and open source set of services referred to as TeamSpace. The combination of a grounded data-intensive improvement process and an easy-to-launch set of analysis tools, will put participants on a path toward organizing more and more of their learning analytics work as a “team sport.”


This event will be organized as a half-day workshop for 15-20 participants. Based on the tools that we want to use with participants (e.g., TeamSpace), we ask participants to pre-apply so that we can set up individual spaces. Having participants pre-apply will also allow us to better understand the problems of practice that participants are working to solve.

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