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RAPID: Collaborative Research: Learning about Infectious Diseases through Online Participation in a Virtual Epidemic

9/1/15-8/31/17 PIs: Yasmin Kafai, Jennifer Sun, University of Pennsylvania (Award Details) Nina Fefferman, Rutgers University (Award Details) Epidemics (whether measles, ebola, or the flu) affect youth, but many of the concepts related to how epidemics work (and how to prevent them) are hard to convey to young learners. This project explores how and whether technology […]

RAPID: Learning in the Making: Leveraging Technologies for Impact

PIs: Erica Halverson, Kimberly Sheridan University of Wisconsin-Madison Award Details The practices of critique and portfolio creation are crucial to successful learning from design and making. Critique involves carefully describing the properties of one’s work, analyzing how the properties function together, envisioning other possible approaches and solutions, evaluating what has been done and which next […]