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CAREER: Improving Adaptive Decision Making in Interactive Learning Environments

3/1/17-2/28/22 PIs: Min Chi North Carolina State University Award Details Interactive Learning Environments (ILEs) hold great promise for improving student performance in STEM education. While, traditionally, such systems have focused on teaching students subject matter, an equally important facet is to teach them how become better learners. The objective of this project is to develop […]

CAREER: Intelligent Representations: How to Blend Physical and Virtual Representations by Adapting to the Individual Student’s Needs in Real Time

7/1/17-6/30/22 PIs: Martina Rau University of Wisconsin-Madison Award Details Adaptive educational technologies can much improve students’ learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) domains. A particular strength of these technologies is that they can provide interactive models that visualize complex concepts. Educational technologies typically use virtual models that students manipulate via mouse or keyboard. […]

CAREER: Designing a New Nexus: Examining the Social Construction of Electronics and Computing Toolkits to Broaden Participation and Deepen Learning

PI: Kylie Peppler Indiana University Award Details The persistently lopsided gender makeup of computer and information science programs in US universities and colleges suggests that the gender gap in computing education is still obstinately wide. Despite several national initiatives to diversify participation in STEM fields, the underlying culture of computing education remains relatively stagnant, with […]

CAREER: DataSketch: Exploring Computational Data Visualization in the Middle Grades

7/01/2016-6/30/2019 PI: Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde Tufts University Award Details Increasingly, the data visualizations used in contemporary science and media move beyond conventional graphs or diagrams to use problem-specific imagery and computational techniques to reveal patterns of interest. K-12 students, however, do not have many opportunities to explore such data visualizations, or to author their own. The […]