How CIRCL can help you with your new proposal

Members of the CIRCL team, including Jeremy Roschelle, generally cannot be an Advisor to your cyberlearning proposal due to the nature of our cooperative agreement with NSF. However, CIRCL could potentially play a role in your research by providing the same services it provides to any funded cyberlearning project, including:

  • Helping you find advisors or other related projects to bounce ideas off
  • Hosting a webinar to help promote your project or create a forum for related projects to interact around a common issue
  • Incorporating your project staff into workshops or meetings we’re having
  • Helping you disseminate your work through our newsletter, social media, and CIRCL Primers

Unless there is an unusual amount of work involved, CIRCL generally does not request funds from specific projects for these services.

If you want to include CIRCL in your proposal, write an email to like this:

We’d like to include CIRCL in our proposal plans. Does the following sentence work for you as something we could say in our proposal?

“Our project will engage with CIRCL to (a) locate other projects working in complementary ways on similar issues (b) use a cyberlearning meeting or webinar to engage the community around important research isssues (c) customize these bullets to what works for you. Dr. Roschelle, PI of CIRCL has confirmed that this plan makes sense.”