Google Hangout Guide

See hangout times on the Synthesis and Envisioning Meeting agenda (ET).


Step 1: Set Up Google Account (Before Event)

To use Google Hangouts you need a Google account (with a Google+ profile). If you don’t have one, create a Google account.


Step 2: Test Your Computer (Before Event)

To check that your computer, mic, and camera work with Google Hangout, start a hangout and invite a friend to join you. You may be prompted to install a browser plug-in. If you have problems, see the Troubleshooting section of Google’s Getting Started with Hangouts guide.


Create Your Own Hangout

Want to create your own hangout for a CIRCL-related discussion or BOF? See
Google’s Getting Started with Hangouts guide or follow the steps below.

First, think about how you want to involved participants in the event that you create. You can (a) put everyone you want to attend into a Google+ circle and invite the circle, or (b) invite each person individually (via there Google+ account), or (c) get the event URL and put it on a web page or email it to a list in advance; then others can join by clicking the URL (you don’t have to know their Google+ account).

Steps to create your hangout:

  1. Go to your Google+ home page
  2. Click on “Home” icon in the upper left
  3. Click on “Events” in the drop-down menu
  4. Click “Create Event”
  5. Enter an event title
  6. Under “Event Options”, select “Advanced”
  7. Select “Hangouts” (Event is online only)
  8. Give your event a start and end time. (If you want to get a URL for your event to share with others, make the start time now. You can make the end time as far out as you want.)
  9. Invite at least one person who has a Google+ account (can’t get past this screen otherwise)
  10. Click “Invite” to create the event

After your event is created, you will see the event page. If your event has started, click “Join Hangout”. A new window will pop up for hangout. If you want to share the URL for this event with others (rather than inviting
people one-by-one), copy the URL for the hangout window and put it on a web page or email it to others.