Webinar: How to Transition Cyberlearning Technologies out of the University

Thursday, April 16, 2015 from 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern Time

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How can researchers best prepare for and work with their university technology licensing organization to transition cyberlearning technologies outside of the university? What is the role of the university tech transfer office? What special considerations might be necessary to take into account in licensing NSF-funded university cyberlearning research? What are common problems one might have with one’s tech transfer office, and how can one avoid or overcome them? What is the the range of relationships between researchers, the university, and external business? Lewis Johnson, co-founder of Alelo, will lead a discussion of these issues, provide examples of successful arrangements, and answer audience questions related to their personal situations.

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Johnson, L. (2015, April 16). How to Transition Cyberlearning Technologies out of the University [Webinar]. In CIRCL Webinar Series. Retrieved from http://circlcenter.org/events/how-to-transition-cyberlearning-technologies-out-of-the-university/