Webinar: Digital Equity, Deeper Learning and the Cyberlearning Community

Wednesday February 24, 2016 from 9:30-10:30 am Pacific / 12:30-1:30 pm Eastern

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In this webinar, Bob McLaughlin (chair of the National Collaborative for Digital Equity) will highlight unprecedented opportunities that have recently emerged for funding and informing local, federal and state policy nationwide with regard to digital equity for low-income learners. Discussants Raymond Rose and Paula Hooper (Senior Science Educator and the Exploratorium) will explore the possibilities for the Cyberlearning community to fully integrate what we know about “deeper learning” and strategies to foster it, into the digital equity initiatives that are being developed across the nation. Together with participants, we will explore the possible formation of a working group to (a) critique “guiding principles” for digital equity investment and (b) develop recommendations for consideration by interested members of the cyberlearning community at the rescheduled June Cyberlearning 2016 meeting, regarding how best we can inform and contribute to state, local and national digital equity efforts and policies and, in so doing, enhance our efforts to serve and engage the nation’s diverse learners and economically distressed communities.

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McLaughlin, B. (2016, February 24). Digital Equity, Deeper Learning and the Cyberlearning Community [Webinar]. In CIRCL Webinar Series. Retrieved from http://circlcenter.org/events/digital-equity-deeper-learning-webinar/