Webinar: How to Use DIA2 to Target Your Proposal to NSF

Tuesday October 20, 2015 from 11-12 pm Pacific / 2-3 pm Eastern

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As you work on preparing proposals to the National Science Foundation, you might encounter questions such as: What NSF programs have funded work in areas related to my topic? Who are other researchers working on topic X? Which program officers should I talk to about my interest in topic Y?


With DIA2, you can find answers to these questions in just a few seconds. DIA2 is a highly visual, easy to use tool for exploring NSF knowledge. Join us in a webinar led by Krishna Madhavan and Mihaela Vorvoreanu to learn how you can take advantage of this powerful knowledge mining and visual analytics tool that does not require any expertise in data mining and visualization.

About DIA2

DIA2 is a visualization tool to help the research community navigate topics and communities based on NSF funding history. DIA2 ingests the NSF award database, supports searches over it, and visualizes the results in social graphs and a variety of other interactive representations.

DIA2 lets you browse funding across NSF directorates, divisions, and programs; view concepts and related awards; explore networks of PI/CoPIs; and search the text of proposal titles and abstracts. Each new search appears in its own window, and collections of windows are organized in dashboards for later review.

Access DIA2 and learn more about how DIA2 might be able to help you.

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