Webinar: Coding, Sharing, and Reusing Video Data with Databrary

Friday April 29, 2016 from 11-12 pm Pacific / 2-3 pm Eastern

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Across age, context, and culture, children produce an extraordinary array of behaviors—speech, gestures, visual exploration, facial expressions, motor actions, and social interactions. Video captures much of the richness and complexity of children’s behavior. The Databrary project (databrary.org) capitalizes on the potential of video to accelerate the pace of discovery in developmental science. Databrary provides the software, infrastructure, and policy framework to enable sharing and reuse of developmental research videos.

With Databrary, researchers can find and reuse videos to ask new questions, perform integrative analyses, illustrate phenomena for teaching, verify coding rules, see procedures and methods, browse colleagues’ work, and get inspired. Moreover, Databrary can act as your video file manager, lab server, and secure off-site backup facility. It can enable collaborations with your students and colleagues.

This webinar will teach researchers—from principal investigators to undergraduates—how to exploit the richness inherent in recordings of children’s behavior by coding, reusing, and sharing research videos. Attendees will also learn how open sharing benefits the original data contributor with increased citations, attention, and fulfillment of federal funding mandates.

With the right tools, video coding can be easy, efficient, and enlightening. We will teach attendees how to use Datavyu, a free video-coding tool, to mine the richness of their videos. Video is unique from other forms of data because of the opportunities it provides for reuse. We will provide examples of how videos can be reused to address new questions beyond the scope of the original study.

We developed a policy framework to enable video sharing and address concerns about participants’ privacy. Attendees will learn how to amend their IRB protocols and obtain participants’ permission for sharing. Attendees will learn how to use Databrary to manage their ongoing studies and to monitor progress in data collection and coding. Databrary also functions as a lab server and secure backup for data that can be kept private to only collaborators and lab members until it’s ready to be shared. When ready, the contributor can share the study with just a click of a button! Throughout the webinar, attendees will get hands-on experience using Databrary’s functionality and exploring shared data.

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