2014 Summit Posters

Using the VideoMosaic Repository for Creating Multimedia Artifacts with the VMCAnalytic
Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Carolyn Maher, Marjory Palius, Robert Sigley

Studying Implicit Science Learning in Digital Games
Elizabeth Rowe, Jodi Asbell-Clarke, Ryan Baker

Earthquake Rebuild: Math Learning through Modeling and Design
Fengfeng Ke, Valerie Shute, Gordon Erlebacher, Kathleen Clark, Matthew Ventura

Connected Learning and STEM Pathways: The Development of Identity, Interest, and Information Literacy
June Ahn, Mega Subramaniam, Amanda Waugh, Anthony Pellicone, Jinyoung Kim, Elizabeth Bonsignore

The WeatherBlur Platform: Co-creating an Online Learning Community
Ruth Kermish-Allen, Karen Peterman, Heather Deese, Christine Bevc

Initial Version of FUN! Tool
Taylor Martin & Deborah Fields