Bringing Neuroscience into Cyberlearning

This is an expertise exchange in the Cyberlearning 2019 Expertise Exchange session

Session Leaders: Lorna Quandt, Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki, David Kraemer

Our growing understanding of the brain has significantly improved our ability to study cognition and learning, and has given rise to the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience and Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE). However, neuroscience has thus far played a limited role in cyberlearning despite a great deal of interest from the cyberlearning community. This session addresses the question, What can neuroscience add to cyberlearning research and development? Join us for an exploration of how neurocognitive tools such as fMRI, eye tracking, EEG, and fNIRS can be used to advance cyberlearning research and development. We will explore numerous potential opportunities for using these tools along with the knowledge gained from previous neuroscience research, and we will also discuss the challenges of doing so. There will also be opportunities for cyberlearning researchers to connect and workshop their ideas with neuroscience researchers.