Intelligent Tutors & Tools

This is an expertise exchange in the Cyberlearning 2019 Expertise Exchange session

Session Leader: James Lester

AI-based learning technologies have been making dramatic strides. Significant advances in AI and machine learning are creating the foundation for a broad range of human-centered AI functionalities that can support many different learner populations in both formal and informal learning contexts. Recognizing the affordances of these new technologies for learning, in this expertise exchange we will consider new enabling AI technologies, including deep learning and natural language processing, and we will explore how they can be leveraged in next-generation intelligent tutors and tools. We will consider how AI can serve as the foundation for adaptive learning environments and learning analytics to create engaging, effective learning experiences, and how they can help us develop increasingly expressive models of technology-enabled learning. Our discussions will including visioning work on opportunities and challenges in AI-driven learning, including the societal implications of implementing these technologies at scale.