The Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier

This is an expertise exchange in the Cyberlearning 2019 Expertise Exchange session

Session Leaders: Joyce Malyn-Smith, James Lester, Susan Yoon, Haoqi Zhang, Amy Baylor

Join us for an Expertise Exchange on the Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier. James Lester, Joyce Malyn-Smith, Hoaqi Zhang, Susan Yoon and Amy Baylor, will each get us started with a rapid-fire glimpse of what future work environments look like including a brief look at AI and future work and the foundational skills we need to help students develop to succeed in those environments. We will touch on regulation skills for training students to self-direct complex work and share a vision for networked orchestration technologies that support such training. Learn about how the role of intelligent cognitive assistants will transform the work of teachers, the challenges associated with preparing teachers to guide students into this future, and get an update on NSF’s Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier initiatives. Then we will engage in a spirited exchange led by Susan Yoon to explore these topics and other issues raised by you.