Immersive & Interactive Environments

roundtableLocation: Ballroom C+D+E
This is a roundtable in the Cyberlearning 2017 Roundtable session.

Co-designing research-based VR experiences for classrooms

Britte Cheng
This presentation will introduce our approach to co-designing VR lessons for K-12 classrooms and our early classroom observations. Specifically, we will share our method of identifying the productive design space at the intersection of learning science, pedagogical practice, and VR research to best elicit student engagement and, more importantly, learning.

CANVAS: Computer-Assisted Narrative Animation Synthesis

Mubbasir Kapadia

We have developed a visual interface for anyone (not just animators or experts) to create compelling interactive 3d animated stories. We envision the application of this tool in a variety of learning applications for students of all agents.
Project: Homepage

Interactive Video for Learning

Adi Perry

Interactive video for learning has become, in the past few years, identified by many educators as a tool to potentially improve meaningful learning experiences and achievements. Interactive video can create a personalised, multi-sensual learning experience; while the students are engaged they actively change their learning track, according to their will and under their own responsibility. Through interviews with pedagogic specialists and video production pioneering team members who executed interactive video for learning projects, as well as looking technically into their interactive video structures, this research examines the pedagogic potential of an interactive video software called “Treehouse”, focusing on features like engagement, flexibility, personalisation, interactivity and evaluation. It has been found that interactive video for learning also provides solutions for different educational needs. Whether utilising it for blended learning, for a single interactive lesson or for an entire course, aiming to teach children or adults, the available possibility of branching narratives via video challenges us as educators to re-think pedagogy and re-shape its paradigm.