Empowering Youth with Technology

roundtableLocation: Salon 1
This is a roundtable in the Cyberlearning 2017 Roundtable session.

Working Hyperlocally with First Generation Families: Queens 20/20

Andres Henriquez

Queens 20/20 – An Enterprise Zone for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Learning, which will create broad and deep networks of STEM-rich learning opportunities in high needs immigrant communities. Queens 2020 is intended to serve as a national model for addressing the STEM education challenges that face urban immigrant communities throughout the country. Demonstrating the power of investing where there is both need and aspiration is a strategy that can be used to diversify the STEM workforce for generations to come. What Geoffrey Canada has done in Harlem to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty for thousands of young people through the Harlem Children’s Zone, we want to do in Queens to support diverse and aspirational youth from high needs immigrant communities in pursuing STEM degrees and careers.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1645102 – Mobile City Science: Youth Mapping Community Learning Opportunities

Inclusive Design for Engaging All Learners (IDEAL): Designing Technology for Cultural Brokering

Yanghee Kim
The project is about using a humanoid robot to support equitable collaboration among kindergarten children coming from diverse family backgrounds.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1623561 – Inclusive Design for Engaging All Learners