Virtual Reality Blended Learning (VRBL) for Engaging Learners in Evidence-Based Reasoning

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Robert Duncan
VRBL Theory of Change

This project will assess the potential of a new learning genre, Virtual Reality Blended Learning (VRBL), to engage students in disciplinary literacy. Disciplinary literacy refers to the reading skills necessary solve problems in specific domains. For example, historians consider a document’s source, historical context, and corroborating evidence. Research demonstrates improved learning outcomes for students who practice disciplinary literacy. However, students continue to struggle with placing documents in context.

VRBL has potential to improve upon text-based lessons by providing context via immersive virtual experiences. Critical thinking, retention of factual knowledge, and reading comprehension will be measured. These learning outcomes will be used with teacher feedback and classroom observations to provide a better understanding of how students learn, how to foster learning, and how to assess learning in blended learning environments.