Graspable Math: Dynamically Linking Multiple Representations and Revealing Flexible Strategies

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Cyberlearning 2017 Gallery Walk.

Erin Ottmar
Screenshot of Graspable Math

Our demonstration and/or poster will showcase Graspable Math, a dynamic algebra technology tool designed for teachers, students, and anyone who wants to play and explore math within a fast, fluent, and conceptually grounded algebra system. This novel technology allows users to interact with algebraic structures in new ways. First, we allow users to manipulate and transform algebraic expressions with a touch of their finger or mouse, using gestures that are fluid and relatively error-free. Second, we allow learners and teachers to explore strategies and pathways through algebraic interactions and fluidly connect algebraic situations to other kinds of graphical representations.

A final novelty is that because this tool has been built entirely in html 5 / javascript, it is web-ready, can be used on any device, and can be integrated into existing software commonly used in schools, such as Geogebra. This demonstration will highlight three use cases already deployed in schools, including a free sidebar extension for Chrome, a free ‘whiteboard’ tool available on our website (, as well as an elementary and middle school game-based application, From Here To There. We will also demonstrate how Graspable Math approach can be used in research to examine the role of perception, action, and strategy.