CS For All: Engaging the Cyberlearning Community
in Computer Science Education

eeLocation: Salon 2
This is an expertise exchange in the Cyberlearning 2017 Expertise Exchange session

Kristy Boyer, University of Florida
Shuchi Grover, SRI International

CSForAll! What does it mean? Who is involved? What’s being done as part of it? To what end? What are the challenges and burning issues? Does “For All” really mean for ALL? How can YOU be involved?

In this session, we will orient participants to the landscape of K-16 computer science (CS) education in the US. We will focus on the many opportunities for Cyberlearning researchers to address the enormous challenges in bringing CS to every K-12 school and classroom, and broadening participation in CS at the undergraduate level. Activities in the session will also include Q&A; collectively identifying gaps and barriers to scaling that can be addressed by Cyberlearning tools, technologies, and approaches; brainstorming critical areas that are suited to Cyberlearning research; and thematic group discussions that can lead to potential partnerships for future proposals.

This session is for everyone: for those who are not involved in CS education but would like to be; those who have done related Cyberlearning work but in the context of STEM and other subjects; as well as those who are CS education researchers on Cyberlearning and other projects.