AIED: Using Artificial Intelligence as a Tool in the
Design of Digital Learning Environments

eeLocation: Salon 1
This is an expertise exchange in the Cyberlearning 2017 Expertise Exchange session

Luc Paquette, University of Illinois
James Lester, North Carolina State University
Min Chi, North Carolina State University
Jake Whitehill, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

This expertise exchange will introduce participants to the usage of artificial intelligence in education (AIED). A brief overview of AIED will be presented along with examples of past applications of such technology. Covered topics will include the usage of AI techniques in the design of educational games, performing large scale randomized experimentation using AIED systems and taking advantage of the big data produced by digital learning environments. This will be followed by discussions, facilitated by AIED researchers, in which participants will reflect on the different ways that AI can be used to support learning, how AI can be used to support teachers and how they can incorporate AI in their own work.