Training via Realistic Simulations

roundtableLocation: Ballroom C+D+E
This is a roundtable in the Cyberlearning 2016 Roundtable session.

Learning by teaching SimStudent: Advancing the theory of learning with a teachable synthetic peer

Noburu Matsuda
Live demo showing the learning by teaching online software. Also share our research findings from in-vivo studies.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1252440 – Learning by Teaching a Synthetic Peer: Investigating the effect of tutor scaffolding for tutor learning

ApprenNet – High Impact Simulations Using Mobile Devices

Karl Okamoto
ApprenNet is an online platform for creating and delivering simulation exercises using mobile devices. It is a high-scale, low-cost solution for “hands-on” learning used in training that requires learning by doing.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1229941 – SBIR Phase II: Crowd Sourcing Apprenticeship Learning: LawMeets – A Web Platform for Teaching Entrepreneurial Lawyering