Scalable Tools

roundtableLocation: Ballroom C+D+E
This is a roundtable in the Cyberlearning 2016 Roundtable session.

WISEngineering: Supporting precollege engineering design

Jennie Chiu
We will present WISEngineering, a new web-based engineering design learning environment, and discuss findings from implementations in mathematics and science classrooms.
Project: NSF Award #1123868 – DIP: Collaborative Research: Mixed-Reality Labs: Integrating Sensors and Simulations to Improve Learning

Using constraints to provide automated feedback on open-ended tasks

Eli Meir
I’ll talk about two of the tools we’ve developed to allow us to give instant feedback on complex concepts and skills: one that can substitute for a short-answer question, and one for practicing experimental design.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1227245 – DIP: Using dynamic formative assessment models to enhance learning of the experimental process in biology