Multimodal & Neural

roundtableLocation: Salon 3
This is a roundtable in the Cyberlearning 2016 Roundtable session.

Developing infrastructure for LS-CS collaboration: Implications for PD

Dor Abrahamson
In the course of building materials for a collaboration between LS and CS researchers, we created new solutions for documenting multimodal tutorial utterance in a form conducive for virtual animation. These forms may inform teachers preparation.
Project: NSF Award #1321042 – EXP: Collaborative Research: Gesture Enhancement of Virtual Agent Mathematics Tutors

Bio/Neuro/Cognitive Measures to Improve Neurodiverse Learning

Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki
We will discuss ways to use bio, neuro, and cognitive measures to better understand neurodiverse learners and the learning process. We will also explore how to better serve the unique needs of individual learners using these measures.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1417456 – Collaborative Research: Revealing the Invisible: Data-Intensive Research Using Cognitive, Psychological, and Physiological Measures to Optimize STEM Learning