roundtableLocation: Salon 3
This is a roundtable in the Cyberlearning 2016 Roundtable session.

Design based research on learning in the making

Kimberly Sheridan
Discussion on process and findings from design experiments, studying how different learning contexts affect children’s interest and sense of agency in their making, their ideation for future projects, and their understanding of STEM content.
Project: NSF Award #1216994 – EXP: Learning in the Making: Studying and Designing Makerspaces

Designing for Learning with Paper Mechatronics

Sherry Hsi
Share ideas about how to orchestrate tasks, materials, and activity structures for creative engineering and cyber-enabled learning with paper and cardboard in out-of-school settings. Discuss conjecture mapping as a way to move exploratory research into the beginnings of a design-based research study
Website: Homepage
Project: NSF Award #1451463 – EXP:Paper Mechatronics: Creating High-Low Tech Design Kits to Promote Engineering Education