Guiding Teachers

roundtableLocation: Ballroom C+D+E
This is a roundtable in the Cyberlearning 2016 Roundtable session.

Developing the Invention Coach With Naturalistic Studies of Teacher Guidance

Jenna Marks
We describe a study of naturalistic teacher guidance for an exploratory learning activity called Invention. Findings have informed the design of a computerized Invention Coach and may apply more broadly to other exploratory learning environments.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1361062 – EXP: Developing a tutor to guide students as they invent deep principles with contrasting cases

Helping Teachers Leverage their Students’ Game-Based Learning

Teon Edwards
Over 90% of youth are playing games in their free time. They are building knowledge and skills in games that can support classroom learning. At this roundtable we discuss how to give teachers useful information about their students’ game-based learning.
Project: Homepage, NSF Award #1502882 – Zoombinis: The Full Development Implementation Research Study of a Computational Thinking Game for Upper Elementary and Middle School Learners